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Disciplined, Long-Term Focus

Our investment philosophy is anchored in a disciplined way of thinking, particularly rooted in quality. We bring this philosophy to life by investing in strategic assets managed by proven management teams, seeking quality yield and growth.

We hold an unwavering belief that a different perspective and long-term thinking can create significant opportunities. This is unusual in a world highlighting short-term successes, but we remain steadfast in our belief that “long-term wins.”

Our goal is to provide investors access to the oil and gas pipeline asset class through what we believe to be a diversified portfolio of primarily midstream companies. Our focus is on businesses that we believe can generate consistent distribution growth through stable, fee-based business models with reduced commodity price exposure. We further attempt to preserve the tax benefits through low portfolio turnover and long term gains.

Investment Research Process

Noble Energy Partners conducts in depth, fundamental analysis of individual investments. This includes:

  • Comparing the mixture of expected growth and income of different investments to determine relative value.
  • Determining opportunistic value using statistical analysis and other methods.
  • Considering the tax effect of all transactions in determining the attractiveness of any change to the portfolio.
  • Investing in a portfolio of MLP units and related securities to attempt to reduce specific company risks.